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                  Soccer Bets Software  - AND / LINK Filters


And/Link filters are columns in which the user can set a points-score required for bets to be used as parameterization filters in reducing the scope of the permutations generated by betting systems.


The following events are entered in a column defined as “And” --> 1  X  2  X,  to be considered as a hypothetical parameter bet in which the user wants to see at least 2 or 3 points registering; this means that when the program processes all the possible permutations, only those multiple bets which satisfy the requirement will emerge as valid, and a saving is achieved.


Similarly, the user can also enter single events for single matches, for example “1” (Full time result) for match 1 and “X2” Double Chance for match 4, limiting the emergence of these probabilities to 0 or to 1 instance only. This would mean that when all the permutations are processed, the program will only accept bets with no more than 1 of these events, whereas all the others registering both probabilities together will be eliminated.


The program will accept up to 20 Link filters for each one of 50 And filters, giving up to 1,000 filter bets requesting parameterization and consecutive progression.




A Link is substantially a self-contained set of conditions which operate internally or in the context of the system as if they were a single condition.

Whatever the range of conditions included in the Link, the user can request the preferred parameterization and progression.

Links provide an especially powerful and effective conditioning tool; nonetheless, they must be used with great care if maximum advantage is to be gained.


Practical Example of how a LINK is applied:



1st And / Link N. 1

2nd And / Link N. 1

3rd And / Link N. 1

Code  1

          D-Chance (1X)

         FT             (1)   

            FT   (1)  

 Code  2 

          FT            (1) 

         D-Chance  (1X)

            FT   (1)  

Code  3

          FT            (1) 

         FT             (X)

            FT   (1)  

Code  4

          FT            (X)

         FT             (2)

            FT   (1)  


admitted 1/2

Consecutive 1/2

admitted 2/3

Consecutive 2/3

admitted 2/4

Consecutive 2/4

* FT = Full Time Result


Now select 'Close Links' to set the values from 3 to 3 

(in other words, to ensure that all three filters are verified).



Example of Bet satisfying the requirement: (VALID)


Code   1

FT   (1)

Code   2

FT   (1)

Code   3

FT   (X)

Code   4

FT   (1)


in effect, each of the filters indicated above is satisfied in the required points-score


Example of Bet NOT satisfying the requirement: (NOT VALID)


Code 1

D-Chance  (1X)

Code 2

FT             (1)

Code 3

FT             (1)

Code 4

FT             (1)


in effect, the above combination does not meet the conditions imposed with And filter N. 1 (which stated: Allow 1/2), since there are 3 identical events together.




T-LINK Clicking this button, the user can select the total number of links that must be satisfied among all those entered. (Optional)



Example of Pratic Use

If, on the other hand, we had chosen 5 matches, with multiple events, for example five 1 Symbols with two x Symbols (in 2 of the 5 matches), or other multiple events (that is, belonging to the same match), we should have utilized the button “AND/LINK FILTER”, in the red box “Generate Bets.

Note: if we had wanted to develop the integral system for the events entered into the system, that is, all Mathematically possible combinations of those events, we should have clicked on the button “INTEGRAL” in the red box ‘Generate Bets’.


The conditioning filters (AND/LINK FILTERS) can be chosen in the window that will open (Fig. A), in order to filter the valid columns.

For example, if we had chosen five (1) Symbols and two (X) Symbols, we could impose a filtering column, requiring that at least four of the five (1) Symbols must be guessed correctly in our bets that will filter from the development of our betting system.

                         Figure A


Let’s then choose the five (1) Symbols related to each match (but we could also have chosen only the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th Symbol, etc.) and let’s select the related boxes (which will turn yellow if selected) ADMITTED: 4 and 5.

Let’s then click on “CONFIRM” and close our session with “APPLY FILTER”. 

Only 3 valid bets among the 4 integral bets will now be taken into consideration in the development of our betting system. (In fact, these 3 multiple bets, out of the 4 integral bets, comply with the condition entered above).

Obviously, more filtering columns can be inserted; it is sufficient to move within the AND filters using the up and down arrows, which will become active after the button “confirm” has been clicked on each “AND box” that has been added as indicated above.

Note: More And boxes (and therefore more conditional filtering columns), can be inserted in the same Link, which, at the start, is obviously LINK 1 (displayed in green in the upper left hand corner).

The utilization of multiple links is advisable only for the most experienced punters (with the related limitation “TLINK”)

Let’s see a practical application of the utilization of several LINKS and of the TLINK conditioning:

If 3 filtering columns (And) are chosen in link 1, and if link 2 is later selected to enter 3 other ANDs (it is recalled that an “And” group is intended to be a conditioning filter, that is to say, a group of Symbols to be conditioned), the development of our bets can in turn be filtered, by imposing a condition on the number of links that must be verified.

By clicking on the button TLINK in the above case, we will show that there are 2 links inserted (each of them contains its own relative “And” groups). If now we select Admitted from 1 to 1, we will have asked the software to develop the bets that will be filtered from the entire link 1 or from the entire link 2; therefore, it will be sufficient that the bet examined respects this rule to be considered valid in the development. Also, if we had asked Tlink Admitted from 2 to2, the bet examined in the development will be considered valid only if it respects both links (and therefore all the conditional groups inserted in link1 and in link 2).

The conditioned And/Link groups lend themselves to very many practical applications. These will be dealt with gradually as we begin to understand the basis of the more complex betting, and therefore as our experience in this area develops.

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