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  Soccer Bets Software -  Development Mathematic Advantage


SVE  (Development for Financial Bets Advantage)


Another brilliant function of Soccer Bets Software, which enables the development of multiple breakdown bets (doubles, triples, fourfolds, fivefolds, etc.), with the “SVE” method otherwise known as Development for financial bets advantage.


By applying this function, the software makes it possible to select the development of one’s bets according to the best financial gain achievable through each bet, by utilizing the odds of several bookmakers (that the user can insert as they wish, up to 10 bookmakers) and by indicating, for each bet of the development, the bookmaker on which to bet in order to have the best financial advantage.


Predictably, this mechanism can lead to a mathematic advantage even for multiple bets that initially generated a negative gain.


The development of bets in SVE mode can be applied by entering an event (odds), for each match and by clicking on “BREAKDOWN” in the main list of percentage calculations:



In order to apply the SVE development in the section (BREAKDOWN), at least 2 odds (from 2 different bookmakers) must be entered for each match being played. In order to enter the odds one must double-click on the match. Enter the bookmakers’ names, the match codes (if they exist, optional), and the odds in the table that appears. 


In order to apply the development for financial advantage, click on the ‘SVE’ button in the RED box.


By applying this development, the bets that need to be placed for each of the bookmakers entered and that thus obtain the best financial return will be automatically identified.


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