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      Soccer Bets -  Correction-Reduction Betting Systems


How we can build a breakdown or Error Correction System:


One now has free rein to choose the desired events for one’s systems. Let’s look at a practical example, in order to understand how it works.

Example of how to select optimum events for our betting system. By clicking on each heading as above, utilize:

a) the first two 1 Symbols in order


b) the first 2 Symbol - (click on “2” in the Full Time Result to obtain the list

    ordered from best to worst)


c)   the first (under) - (click on “Under” in the “Under” column to obtain the list in

    the order from best to worst)


d)   the first (GG)  -(click on “GG” in the “GG” column to obtain the list in the

    order from best to worst)


By clicking on each percentage, for example on the '80%'  for Goteborg for the symbol '1' of the Full Time Result, we enter the odds, the schedule number, and the event code, (there parameters shoud be taken from the bookmaker's odds table if available), and so on for the other matches that we have chosen to play in our system.


In the above example, we have finally chosen 5 matches that constitute our bet. If these are 5 different matches, we have the possibility of utilizing the reduction systems (by clicking on “Breakdown” one can access the related box).

A)      In the upper right hand box, we choose in what we want to develop our system (2 events bets, 3 events bets, 4 events bets, etc.), by checking the appropriate box or several boxes (in this case, even more applicable reductions are available):

(In fact, by checking all elements at the start, all applicable reductions shall be enabled; this is the recommended choice).



B)      In the left box, we choose which reduction we want to apply: 


      Example: 1 (3) with 4 results out of  5



C)    Click on “Reduction”. We thus obtain our reduced system, which will guarantee us with certainty to get 1 treble right if we correctly guess at least 4 of the 5 events chosen. At the bottom, we can choose to display the development of our system (on the monitor by clicking “Reduced development” or on paper by clicking “Printout”). It will then be sufficient to validate the bets developed at your agency of choice.


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