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       Soccer Bets Software -  Football Automatic Predictions


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This fantastic function of the Soccer Bets Software, makes it possible to automatically obtain predictions on the basis of the statistical data, by assigning them two possible probabilities: High or Medium/High.


Automatic Predictions (with high or medium/high degree of probability): will indicate to you the best matches and the related best events on which to bet; in this option, you can choose the matches with the best related game events that you prefer.

By clicking on “Predictions” in the top menu, and by choosing “HIGH” as the probability requested, a box will be displayed (below, in red), in which you must choose the desired schedule, that is to say, the range of matches that will be played on the dates chosen by you. Let’s suppose that the date is 12 April 2012 and that on this date we want to obtain predictions for future matches on the weekend of 13 -16 April. We then specify the date 13/04/12 + 3 DD, which stands for 13 + the 3 following days.


By clicking on  CALCULATION  all matches that will be played within the requested time range will be examined and the best matches on which to bet will be highlighted, together with the most probable events. 

In the case under examination:

Other events are also shown, such as the statistically most probable exact outcome, the best total number of goals, the 45’/90’ (half time/full time) result.

In addition, a series of 24 multiple bets (in trebles) is shown automatically in the table of predictions identified; here the events are chosen among those that are statistically most probable. If, for example, there are 200 possible multiple bets that arise from the statistically most probable events, a dedicated algorithm chooses those with the same probability of a winning outcome (on average half of those mathematically possible) and, finally, proposes 24 of them at random (obviously, they have the same statistical probability of a winning outcome). The randomness in proposing the 24 multiple bets to be placed, from among those having the same probability, is the mechanism that optimizes this type of game. In fact, by applying randomness to probability, 24 bets are obtained that have no systemic relations among them; this allows a better final yield. In fact, in a conventional system, each individual error involves an exponential number of losing bets. On the other hand, in our system, each error leads to only a few losing bets in the group proposed. Only a few winning bets in the group of 24 are sufficient to recoup the cost incurred.

The predictions table data can also be used to construct the desired system (utilizing the function that we shall see later), by utilizing them as ideal statistical indications for choosing one’s playing bases.



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